Our Company’s Story

Established in 1982, our Farm is a healthy community located in Adamswille. We live a peaceful, shared life and believe in healthy body and mind. Browse our site to learn more of our history. Look through our online store to find fresh treats from our organic bakery, organic coffee and chocolate, as well as fresh dairy. We welcome you to come visit us! Just drop us few lines when you’d like to come.

Why choose Healthy Farm

  • Foods right form the patch. 12 certified organic farmers
  • Non-GMO dairy products. Environmental production
  • High pressure meat processing. Humane & sustainable farming
  • Organically produced pork and beef. Caring of health of our cusomters
  • Organically grown fruit & veggies. Best tasting product on the marke

some of our products

best quality products

“Juices of fruits and vegetables are pure gifts from Mother Nature and the most natural way to heal your body.”

Organic cereals
nuts & seeds
organic spices
gluten free food
Aromatic Herbs

Meet our team

Pamela Fryman
Johnny Doe
Agricultural Expert
Mike Newton
Healthy Cooking
Alice Smith

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